Undergraduate Work

The Tuff Armenia Project


In 1988 a 6.8 magnitude earthquake left approximately 17,000 Gyumri residents homeless in the middle of winter. Since these devastating events, the residents of Gyumri District 104 in Armenia have lived in incredibly poor conditions that negatively impact their health and impede their abilities to improve their socio-economic status.

The Tuff Armenia team, an interdisciplinary group of students from the University of Virginia, is seeking a solution to the housing crisis.  


My primary role in this project was tuff stone characterization testing and tuff-concrete integration. The report, completed in 2017 can be found here

My secondary role was as a field interviewer. The Tuff Team spent a total of six weeks on-site gathering the perspectives of community members and affiliated non-profits. The report will be published in Conflux Journal later this year. 

Domik in District 104 (image by Santiago Roca)

Domik in District 104 (image by Santiago Roca)

Flexural spec.

Tuff flexural specimens